Caring for yourself as well as you do for your clients.

By Diana Carleton, Ed.D. and Thelma Jean Goodrich, Ph.D.

Houston Galveston Institute Faculty

This workshop is for professionals who care deeply for their clients and often overbook, overwork, and under care for themselves in the process. Participants will leave with a personalized plan to improve their self-care and have better life/work balance.

This workshop will help you:

  • Learn your unique definition of self-care.

  • Recognize the signs of burnout.

  • Understand the neurobiology of burnout/stress.

  • Identify steps to remediate burnout/stress.

  • Identify “Energy Drainers” and “Energy Rechargers”.

  • Identify your values and assess their congruence with your daily life.

    Date & Time: Friday March 22, 2013, 1pm to 5pm

    Location: Houston Galveston Institute, 3316 Mt. Vernon, Houston, Tx 77006

    Fees: $120, (students-$80): early registration March 14th, $100, (students-$60) 4 CEUs for Workshop + 1 CEU for pre-workshop assignment = 5 CEUs ($20) 


Dr. Diana Carleton

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